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System 6 Stucco AKA System 6 Advantage Coatings Inc. is one of the premiere EIFS/Stucco companies in Ontario providing complete Exterior Insulated Wall Cladding and Stucco Solutions. Working in concert with the top insulation manufacturers and with the Top 200 General Contractors in Canada we offer exceptional value to clients in Ontario and across Canada.

EIFS: Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems is a cladding system combined with exterior insulation and finished with a stucco like appearance. Although EIFS and stucco have a very similar appearance they are quite different.  Within the EIFS system the insulation boards support the base coat with reinforcing mesh and in the Stucco system the basecoat is applied directly to the substrate with reinforcing mesh.

The components of EIFS system:

  • A vapour barrier, a water resistive liquid applied over moisture sensitive substrates.
  • Thermal insulation boards, secured to a structural substrate.
  • Adhesive is used to fasten thermal insulation boards to the substrate.
  • A water-resistant base coat is applied to the insulation to provide weather resistance and fire protection.
  • Glass fibre reinforcing mesh applied alongside with the base coat for impact resistance.
  • A finish coat is applied to provide protection and decoration with a wide range of colour and texture.


The benefits to installing EIFS in your home:

  • The energy efficiency of a building can be greatly improved by placing insulation on the outside.
  • It keeps the structure at a consistent temperature, increasing longevity.
  • Resistance to movement, which decreases the stress caused by changes in temperature.
  • The dew point will move outside of the structure and minimizes the potential for moisture, which in turn prevents rusting of metal fasteners/framing, deterioration of insulation, loss in Rvalue, and mould growth, is just a few of the potentials.
  • Providing consistent thermal and moisture protection of the building.

Installing EIFS is an beneficial investment into your building/home.   Increasing its overall value, energy efficiency and potential in resale value.

Our Team

“Our team is committed to delivering quality products, on time and always on budget.”

Our main supplier is Durabond System; however we will accommodate the clients requests.

We currently have 6 stucco crews and own our own equipment. We provide scaffolding, tarps, heaters, 16 boom & scissor lifts ranging in size up to 90 feet to be able to accommodate any requirements you may have. We are ready to start any job you may have, no matter what the conditions may be.

If you are in Orillia area, please feel free to stop by and we would be pleased to show you our manufacturing facility and how we can save you money.

Meet the Team at System 6


Chad Cooke

President & Owner

Sara Hartin

Inside Sales Manager

Carol Cooke

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Dan Korf

Project Manager

Gord Cooke

Sales & Owner

Larry Brown

Estimator & Shop Manager